20+ TIPS Decorative Treads Staircase to Light Up Your Steps

In some cases, people more focused on their wall color. Thus, they also spent hours to pick kitchen utensils to match with the wall. But, the decoration of the treads staircase is often left out whenever it comes to home decoration as a whole.
Great home decoration and walls color are indeed cool. But, if you let your treads plain without no-touch, something is off. So, why dont we make it more eye-catching?

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1. Make Your Stairs “Alive” with Ombre Style
When the guests walk through your front door, the first thing they see is probably the staircase. In this case, you better make it fancy. To do this, you can decor your treads with this ombre style
You can pick your favorite color or the color that matches your walls. This ombre style will transform your boring treads into simple yet unique treads. Indeed, you need detail eyes to make it work if you paint it yourself.
2. Climbing Up the Rainbow
Another decorative idea for treads staircase is to make it rainbow. If you love colorful design, you going to love this idea. The rainbow stairs will give you a splashing bright accent to your house.
Remember, to make it prettier, you also need to pay attention to the colors you pick. Even though its a rainbow, its important to keep those colors in the same tone. That will help to make it more natural and pleasing, also stunning.
3. Keep It Traditional with Brown
The bold decoration might be so burdensome for some people. Especially when the walls and home decoration are already “too much”. So, if you dont wanna take a risk for your stairs decoration, this traditional brown-ish style can be an option.
Because its brown and traditional, it can balance the tone of your home decoration. Also, it can help you to save some money for your home decoration budget. All you need is a brown painting or wood stains and varnish to get it done.
4. Simple with Monochrome
If your house is full of white accents, you can use the monochrome style for your treads staircase. Thus, the touch of black and some natural wood style will help to break the white accent.
This style brings up the modern vibe to your house. Also, this monochrome style is so simple without making your treads dull and plain. More bonus, the black color on your treads can make the dirt is less seen.
5. Decorate with Overlays
If you dont even really like to do a minor change for your trades staircase, you can still overlay them. So, you can combine the aesthetic with a function. That includes:
Carpet or Mats. Covering your stairs with carpet can help with noise reduction. Also, it can give warmth and comfort to you and your family.
Anti-slip. This overlay is more likely for the protection. The anti-slip will help you to prevent the slip. Thus, it might be very beneficial if you have a child in your home.
Those were some ideas to make your treads staircase fancier. You can cherry-pick them based on your preference. Remember, its all not about the decoration, but the safety is important too. So, make sure the decoration also bring safety to you and your family.

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