4 Types of Coffee Makers You Must Know

Understanding the various types of coffee makers is very important, especially for coffee lovers. Finding such a machine is very important for the home, especially if it is going to be used every day. 

Here Are Various Coffee Makers for You 

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Believe it or not, the taste of coffee can be different depending on the manufacturing process, based on the coffee maker used to brew it. Which coffee maker is best? various kinds of coffee makers that you can own. 

1. Cold drink coffee maker 

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This one is perfect for you iced coffee lovers. However, if you are not one of those iced coffee lovers, you can still get this amazing coffee maker to taste the coffee’s distinctive taste even if it’s not cold. 

While you can use any bean to make coffee with this cold brew maker, the best beans are dark roasts with a few extras as they have a more distinctive flavor profile. 

This cold brew coffee machine is similar to brewing tea, mostly hands off. Simply add coffee to the cold brew machine, add coffee grounds, then wait 6 hours to 8 hours or more for the best iced coffee. 

2. Aeropress coffee 

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Maker although this little coffee maker looks a little odd, the aeropress coffee machine will give you a great cup of coffee with good consistency. You only need to spend 1 to 3 minutes to get the coffee. 

Aeropress coffee makers have the appearance of a syringe but are very large in size. Just fill it with coffee grounds then add hot water to the grounds. Then wait a few minutes like a French press maker. 

3. Moka pot coffee maker 

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Several steps are required to use this coffee maker to get the best cup of coffee. This stove pan has a very simple design and is equipped with 3 spaces. The bottom chamber must be filled with water. 

Then the middle or second room is where you fill your fresh ground coffee. And the upper room is where you’ll get the best coffee to enjoy. Moka pots rely on steam.

4. Automatic coffee machine

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There are tons of automatic coffee machines that you can use to get the most flavorful coffee. Drip brewing machines for example are best for making great coffee with excellent consistency. 

There is also an espresso machine which is very popular. The espresso machine comes in 3 different options: super automatic, semi-automatic and manual. Super auto is the most expensive. 

Then there are pod based coffee machines too. This is one of the types of coffee machines that the Keurig has become famous for. This coffee belongs to coffee lovers who prioritize comfort over taste. 

Percolator is another type of automatic coffee machine that you can choose from. Percolators are very durable and are still available today even though they are actually old coffee makers.

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